Relaxed Woman on Phone

What to Look for in a 360

I remember an initial call with a client who had no idea where to start in her search for a 360. It’s hard to forget the urgency and uncertainty in her voice–was her request feasible in such a short timeframe? She specified the survey had to launch as soon as possible for her executive leadership […]

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Why Does Feedback Matter?

Ignorance Is Not Bliss Have you ever looked in the mirror and discovered a little piece of spinach stuck in your teeth and then thought, “Has that been there since lunch? I’ve been talking to people all afternoon. Why didn’t anybody tell me about it?” If somebody had told you earlier that there was spinach […]

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Man Accepting Difficult Feedback_

How to Accept Difficult Feedback

So the next time a rough piece of feedback comes your way, remember: No immediate response required Listen, listen, listen (no judging nor defending) Say “thank you” to keep the feedback channel open Step back and away, then reflect – engage your higher brain Take a “rent to own” approach – don’t dismiss it too […]

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