Pencil and Paper Survey

What is the Most Effective Response Scale?

When creating a survey, it can be easy to focus too much on the content of the survey questions themselves and overlook the response scale that goes with the survey items. Sometimes the response scale is just an afterthought, with only a numeric scale and no further instructions. For example, “On a scale of 1-5, […]

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Female Manager Clarifying Expectations with Employee

How to Find Out What Your Boss Expects of You

Are you uncertain about what your boss expects of you? Are you unsure whether you’re focusing on what your boss thinks is most important? I’ll share some tips on how to find out what your boss expects of you. I previously wrote an article geared toward managers to help them make sure their employees know […]

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Road Cyclist

1% Better for a Big Impact

A few months ago I heard an interesting story from James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, about the British cycling team that has a recipe for success. It began more than a century ago. At one point the team was performing so poorly that at least one bicycle manufacturer wouldn’t even sell bikes to the team […]

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Happy conversation between two business professionals

The #1 Way to Keep Receiving Feedback

To get feedback, you first need to ask for it. However, getting feedback and continually receiving feedback are different skills. The #1 way to keep receiving feedback is to simply listen, or as we say, “Receive the feedback graciously.” What does this look like? Have you ever had somebody ask for your advice, but after […]

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Teenager Playing the Guitar

Who Should Give Feedback?

At LearningBridge, we are very big on helping people learn how to receive feedback graciously and act on it visibly. We also recognize that there is great value in learning how to give feedback well; however, in determining how best to give feedback, a key question can be overlooked regarding who should give feedback. Motivated […]

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Woman Looking at Document

Development vs. Performance Management

I recently had similar conversations with two different clients. We talked about using 360 survey data for the purpose of professional development vs. performance management. This is a fairly common issue that comes up. Most of the people we work directly with understand the distinction. However, sometimes another person in the company is pushing for […]

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