manager talking with employee

My Manager Only Gives Me Positve Feedback

“What should I do if my manager gives me only positive feedback?” We often hear a variation of this question when we present “Feedback Jiu-Jitsu: The Art of Receiving Feedback”. Receiving positive feedback sounds like a dream come true. Yet, it can be hard to grow from positive feedback. Our objective with Feedback Jiu-Jitsu is […]

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How to Reflect on Feedback

Feedback is a big part of our daily lives. It can be oral, written, informal, formal, descriptive, evaluative, peer, and self-assessed. When we talk about feedback at LearningBridge, we often refer to its use in a formal setting as part of a “Generative Feedback Process”. Having gone through the process of gathering feedback, how do […]

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Road Cyclist

1% Better for a Big Impact

A few months ago I heard an interesting story from James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, about the British cycling team that has a recipe for success. It began more than a century ago. At one point the team was performing so poorly that at least one bicycle manufacturer wouldn’t even sell bikes to the team […]

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Masked Employees in an Office

Are You Returning to an Office?

I venture to say that everyone’s work environment changed in some way over this last year. Many businesses were unable to remain open for an extended period. Many were fortunate to make adjustments and were able to remain open while employees worked from home or another remote location. I was blessed in that I have […]

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Man Riding a Bike

What Is Your Feedback Frequency?

Shortly after moving to Arizona I noticed more people riding road bicycles than I had ever seen in Utah or Idaho. Talking with my retired uncle I found out he rode his bike several miles a day, multiple times a week. It got me thinking that cycling is something that I could do. On a […]

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Father and Son Father Leaving for Work

Help Your Team with Their Goals

Growing up I lived in the same house until I left for college. I remember my dad catching the bus down the street, and taking it to the station for the train into San Francisco. When I entered college, I thought I would be in the same job for a long time after I graduated. […]

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