A Man Presenting to a Group

Reinforce Your Competency Model with a 360 Survey

A few years ago I was asked to read a book for work as we were implementing some new operating procedures. One part spoke about “Vision” and how it is important for the whole company to have the same one. The book presented an example. Upper-level management of a company was asked what they thought the priorities of the company were for the next year. Did everyone respond the same? No. One person thought sales was the priority, while someone else said hiring more people. Another person replied that opening a new office in a different city was the priority. […]

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Masked Employees in Office

Are You Returning to an Office?

I venture to say that everyone’s work environment changed in some way over this last year. Many businesses were unable to remain open for an extended period. Many were fortunate to make adjustments and were able to remain open while employees worked from home or another remote location. I was blessed in that I have worked remotely for many years now and did not have much change in my day-to-day work environment. With businesses trying to figure out what the new normal is as they bring employees back to the office, now is a good time to make some suggestions […]

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Road Cyclist

What Is Your Feedback Frequency?

Shortly after moving to Arizona I noticed more people riding road bicycles than I had ever seen in Utah or Idaho. Talking with my retired uncle I found out he rode his bike several miles a day, multiple times a week. It got me thinking that cycling is something that I could do. On a whim I went to the local bike shop and purchased a used bike for $200. That was the amount I was comfortable losing if I didn’t end up riding the bike. It turned out that cycling is something that I enjoy! Reaching The Next Level […]

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Car Crash

Brace for Impact! Two Tips to Manage Feedback

My wife and I had just finished getting some groceries when we were in our car stopped at a light waiting to exit the parking lot. It was winter in Idaho, and it was snowing. I was watching the traffic and noticed a car that was coming towards us with the blinker on. As it approached, I saw the wheels were turned, but the car was not turning and was still coming towards us. “Oh snap!” I said, while bracing for impact. The car hit us. I get that same “brace for impact” feeling when I am going to receive […]

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Father and Son with Father Leaving for Work

Help Your Team with Their Goals

Growing up I lived in the same house until I left for college. I remember my dad catching the bus down the street, and taking it to the station for the train into San Francisco. When I entered college, I thought I would be in the same job for a long time after I graduated. I have now graduated from college, gotten married, started a family, and have a career. It’s clear to me now that it will be a process to get to the state my dad was at. I will need to make goals and achieve them to […]

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