A Simple Process

If you lack the resources, experience, or technological capabilities to host your own 360 survey, contact us to get our help and advice. We can provide you with the support you need, so you are free to do what you do best, while helping the greatest number of employees grow in their careers.

Determine Your Survey Need

Are you looking for a survey that is custom to your leadership model, or would you like to use a tried-and-true survey?


We Set up and Run Your Survey

We'll get the survey set up. You can focus on what you do best and check in only when you want while we send automated reminders, collect, and prepare the data for reports.


Get Results and Take Action

Not only can you get custom reports for individuals and management, we can guide you with a process that leads to real growth for your feedback recipients.

1. Determine Your Survey Need

You want a way to provide a meaningful feedback experience that will give employees the information they need to grow in their career. You likely want to use either a 360 survey that is based on your own leadership model to help reinforce your company culture and values, or you're looking for an existing survey you can use. We can help you with a custom survey, a tried-and-true option, or a hybrid version.


Whether you already have your own survey items developed or still need to convert your leadership model into a survey, we can help. This is a great way to reinforce what matters most for your organization.

You know your people and culture. We know how to set up your custom survey and a process that scales well.

Tried and True

If you're looking for an existing survey, you can use our tried-and-true 360, the Leadership Inventory. This is a robust survey with a report that includes an action planning section to help your employees take action.

The Leadership Inventory does not require costly certifications to use. We'll even provide a debrief tutorial that can help your debriefers, regardless of their level of experience.


You may have a few specific questions you want to ask but don't want to create a whole survey. A number of our clients use the Leadership Inventory 360 as a starting point and customize to fit their needs.

2. We Set up and Run Your Survey

Survey Setup

Survey Design

If you want to use our Leadership Inventory, then the survey is already set up in our system, and we can have your specific run ready once we know your timeline and feedback recipients.

If you want to create a custom or hybrid survey, we also offer assistance in designing your survey items. Most of our clients will do the majority of the work themselves and have us do a formal review before setting the survey up in our system.

On Our Platform

Once your custom survey is designed, we'll set it up on the LearningBridge platform and prepare for the first survey run. Based on our experience, we'll draft recommended survey communications, such as initial and reminder emails as well as welcome and finished survey screens. You have the ability to customize these communications.

Data Collection

Progress Monitoring

After we launch the survey to your feedback recipients, they can log in, complete their self-review, and add their respondents. You probably want to know if people are completing. Our platform provides a dashboard that allows you to view the completion status; however that doesn't necessarily mean you need to do anything.


Our system automatically send reminders to anybody who has a task to complete. We'll recommend the frequency based on your needs, but you can control when reminders are sent. Reminders are not sent to people who have already completed their surveys. This automated system simplifies the overall process for you and saves you time.

3. Get Results and Take Action

Individual Feedback Reports

We design our reports to help individuals discover their leadership narrative and prepare for a conversation with their manager. While maintaining confidentiality is a top priority, we can accommodate your needs for report distribution.

Group Reports

Do you want to know how your feedback recipients scored as a group? Along with providing the reports for each feedback recipient, you get aggregated group results that can help you identify potentials areas of focus for employees generally.

Debriefing Options

If you want to provide the feedback recipients additional support in making the most of their feedback, we offer one-to-one and group debrief sessions.

Man on Phone

Frustrated with Your Survey?

If you find yourself stressed, frustrated or dissatisfied with your current 360 process, or simply don't know where to start when initiating a new survey in your organization, call LearningBridge to see how we can relieve your burden.

When you use LearningBridge you will be confident in the results provided as you use your data for professional and organizational development.



A custom 360 survey can gather the data that is most important to you. These projects typically include a one-time development fee from $1,500 - $6,000. Continued use is priced just like one of our existing surveys at $165/feedback recipient. For a survey you plan to use every year, or with various groups at different times, customizing your survey is well worth the investment.

Tried and True

Use LearningBridge's premier 360, the Leadership Inventory, a robust leadership survey that doesn't require licensing or development fees, just the usage fee. Individual feedback reports are $165/participant for groups with at least two participants receiving feedback.

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