Sue Mann

Our Saboteur and Sage

Sue Mann is a trauma-trained coach whose focus is on ending the suffering and destruction of organizational morale and value by abrasive, bullying leaders. She talks about our saboteur and our sage voices, and how we can tap into our sage voice when we give and receive feedback.

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Jess Cisco

Feedback Is Just Information (We Attach Labels)

Feedback is just information. We’re the ones that put the label: it’s positive feedback or negative feedback. But really, I think feedback, if we take those labels off, it’s just information. And sometimes that information tells us as much about us and what we are doing as it does about the person sharing it with us, what they value in the world, how they see us, what they want from us.

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Simply Feedback Logo

9 Lives Changed by Feedback

In this special episode of Simply Feedback we share the responses of 9 of our previous guests to the question: Can you tell us about a time when you received feedback that affected you in a profound way?

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Glade Holman

3 Steps to Make Use of Any Feedback

Glade Holman shares why the “feedback sandwich” doesn’t work and a better approach. He also discusses “Generative Feedback”, and the importance of teaching people how to receive feedback regardless of how it’s delivered. People can learn to receive feedback graciously and act on it visibly. Finally, he provides a powerful 3-step model to make great use of feedback and help others rewrite their narrative about you.

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Stephen M. R. Covey

Trust and Inspire

Stephen M. R. Covey is the bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and of the brand new book Trust & Inspire. He talks about his new book and how the principle of trust is crucial in creating a positive feedback culture.

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