Vivian Blade

Thriving Through Unrelenting Crises

Vivian Blade is a resilience & inclusive leadership expert. She shares key concepts from her books, Resilience Ready, Influence in Talent Development, and FuelForward and discusses how we can use feedback to grow.

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Glade Holman

3 Steps to Make Use of Any Feedback

Glade Holman shares why the “feedback sandwich” doesn’t work and a better approach. He also discusses “Generative Feedback”, and the importance of teaching people how to receive feedback regardless of how it’s delivered. People can learn to receive feedback graciously and act on it visibly. Finally, he provides a powerful 3-step model to make great use of feedback and help others rewrite their narrative about you.

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Dr. Sacha Lindekens

What Did You Hear from Your Feedback?

In another episode of Simply Feedback, we speak with Dr. Sacha Lindekens, a Partner with Avion Consulting, as he goes over his research with 360 feedback data and the most important factor for coachees who made the greatest improvement.

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Morgan Massie

The Five Coaching Conversations

In another episode of Simply Feedback, we talk with Morgan Massie, Consultant at Avion Consulting, as she shares what highly effective coaches do across different industries, whether it be in a sports or organizational context, and other highlights from The Five Coaching Conversations, A Research-Based Model for Maximizing People’s Performance and Potential, that she co-authored with her Avion colleagues, John Gates and Steve Williams. 

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