Alyson Van Hooser

Infinite Influence

Alyson Van Hooser, of Van Hooser Associates, shares the concept of Infinite Influence with a wonderful story of how somebody else exhibited infinite influence in her life.

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Jess Cisco

Feedback Is Just Information (We Attach Labels)

Feedback is just information. We’re the ones that put the label: it’s positive feedback or negative feedback. But really, I think feedback, if we take those labels off, it’s just information. And sometimes that information tells us as much about us and what we are doing as it does about the person sharing it with us, what they value in the world, how they see us, what they want from us.

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Marisa Valdez

Believe in Yourself

Marisa Valdez shares how she learned to “believe in yourself” along her path from school teacher to Learning & Development Manager at BuzzFeed and what companies can do to help build a feedback culture.

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