If you lack the manpower, experience, or technological resources to host your own 360 survey, call us to review our Simple Survey Process. We can provide you with the support you need, so you are free to do what you do best. You won't have to worry about the nuances and intricacies of the survey process and reporting - simply let us know how we can help you.


Select Your Survey

Use one of our established and reputable surveys, or use our system to simplify gathering and reporting data using your custom survey.


Gather Data

Focus on what you do best and check in only when you want while we send automated reminders, collect, and prepare the data for reports.


Get Results

Receive a notification that your pdf reports are ready for download, and you'll have access to the data that will drive your decisions.


Take Action

You can guide the participants in engaging the results to make goals and work on achieving lasting change and improvement.

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Ultimately, you want your people to grow. We develop reports with the aim of helping the recipients act on the results. Whether a participant is working through the results on their own or you are coaching them on their results, we aim to design our reports in a way that empowers you.

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Select Your Survey

Use one of our Off-the-Shelf surveys or a custom instrument for your model or company culture. LearningBridge can host your survey, provide all the technical support you need, and guide you through the process—so you can get back to doing what you do best. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you approve and oversee as much or as little as you want.

Leadership Inventory

What is it?

This survey provides professionals with complete feedback on eight proven competencies of effective leaders. Click here for a sample report.

The LI includes a simplified follow-up “Pulse” run. 6 – 12 months later participants select any 5 questions from the original survey to receive updated comparative feedback. The Pulse is quick, easy, and gives a sense of progress.


  • $350 - Group setup, monitoring, and maintenance
  • $175/report - Each Participant gets an individual pdf report

Four Capabilities Assessment

What is it?

The dimensions—Sensemaking, Relating, Visioning, and Inventing—are widely applicable across industries and cultures. Designed by Deborah Ancona and Michele Williams it is used by MIT's Executive Education, MBA, and corporate consulting programs.


  • $400 - Group setup, monitoring, and maintenance
  • $250/report* - Each Participant receives an individual pdf report

*discounts available for academic institutions

Motivation & Engagement

What is it?

The Motivation & Engagement Profile helps evaluate the use of intrinsic rewards. Professionals consistently identify the following as what they value most at work.

  1. Meaningfulness/purpose
  2. Choice/self-determination
  3. Competence/expertise
  4. Progress


  • $350 - Group setup, monitoring, and maintenance
  • $175/report - Each Participant gets an individual pdf report



A custom 360 survey is sure to gather the data that is most important to you. These projects typically cost around $6,000 to build. Continued use is priced just like one of our existing surveys. For a survey you plan to use every year, or with various groups at different times, customizing your survey is well worth the investment.


Use a LearningBridge surveys, (like the Leadership Inventory, Four Capabilities, or MEP) you won't pay any development costs, just the usage fee. These surveys are good generic instruments, that may give you exactly the data you need. Individual reports start at $125 and the group setup fee is just $350. 

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Frustrated with Your Survey?

If you find yourself stressed, frustrated or dissatisfied with your current 360 process, or simply don't know where to start when initiating a new survey in your organization, call LearningBridge to see how we can relieve your burden.

When you use LearningBridge you will be confident in the results provided as you use your data for professional and organizational development.

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