Leadership Inventory

Why the Leadership Inventory?

Help your leaders find out which skills they need to develop. Using the Leadership Inventory, you can target development efforts where it will make a real difference.

"accurately predict future job performance and job satisfaction"

The Leadership Inventory was developed to provide professionals with feedback on research-based competencies of effective leaders. The items in the survey have been shown to accurately predict future job performance and job satisfaction.

Professionals can also enhance their promotion potential and salary progression by developing and exhibiting the competencies of interest to those around them.

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Set Up Survey

Simply let us know who is participating and when, then let us do the rest.


Collect Data

Participants and their raters will log in to provide their feedback before the deadline date.


Get Results

Receive results in an easy-to-read report designed to inspire action.

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- Joyce Anne Wainio (National Center for Healthcare Leadership)