Feedback Jiu-Jitsu Introduction

Make Feedback Generative

Regardless of how the feedback was given, you can turn it to your benefit.

Own Your Career Growth

When you own how you respond to feedback, you can own your career growth.

Improve Your Feedback Culture

People who are better at receiving feedback can use those same skills in giving feedback.

You Can't Control How Feedback is Given

But you can control how it is received and acted upon.

Watch these three short videos that introduce you to Feedback Jiu-Jitsu and the first of the six moves we share in the full presentation.

1. The Neuroscience Behind Our Reactions

Learn about the neuroscience behind your response to feedback to help you see how to respond generatively.

2. Identify Your Mindset

Now learn to recognize what type of mindset you are in and your likely reaction to feedback.

3. Four Tips for a Growth Mindset

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