Stephanie Allen

Don’t Accept Assumptions

Stephanie Allen, a strategic CEO advisor and fractional COO, reminds us about the need to ask if we can give feedback. If the other person is not ready to receive it, we’re likely wasting everyone’s time and creating unnecessary conflict. She also reminds us that feedback is a gift, and sometimes it’s a gift we didn’t think we needed. Feedback loops are important; while we can’t control people, we can influence them. One key aspect to all of this is, “Don’t accept assumptions.” Leaders need to clarify and verify.

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Michelle Thackray

Building a Leadership Development Program

Host Troy Blazer welcomes Dr. Michelle Thackray to Simply Feedback, where they delve into the significance of feedback within organizational structures, particularly focusing on building a leadership development program. Dr. Thackray shares insights from her career journey, emphasizing the pivotal role feedback played in redirecting her career path and guiding her towards leading transformative initiatives. Highlighting the importance of co-creation and pilot programs, she discusses her efforts at Rice University to implement a leadership development program aimed at fostering a culture of feedback and continuous improvement. Their discussion underscores the value of feedback in guiding individuals through career transitions, driving organizational success, and nurturing a culture of growth and excellence.

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Systemic Team Coaching

Discuss valuable insights on leadership development and feedback with Andria Gillis, an experienced executive coach specializing in systemic team coaching. Dive into practical strategies for fostering open communication, enhancing emotional intelligence, and driving organizational transformation in this podcast conversation. Join Andria as she shares her expertise and insights to empower leaders and teams.

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Is This How You Want to Be Perceived?

Diane Hazum is an experienced Leadership and Executive Coach with over twenty years of experience. She emphasizes the significance of understanding how one is perceived by others, the impact of feedback on career development, and insights into professional development.

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Michelle DiTondo

You Can’t Be a Leader if Nobody’s Willing to Follow You

Michelle DiTondo is a visionary leader in her field and emphasizes the importance of accepting professional feedback by highlighting experiences and insights from her career. She shares the importance of embracing feedback, how to intentionally work towards improvement, and the importance of humility in leadership.

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Janina Abiles

What Leaders Can Learn from Yoga 

Janina Abiles is an independent talent & organizational development consultant with over 17 years of experience. She talks about her experiences as a yoga instructor and practitioner, and about how yoga can be help create better leaders.

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