David Blair

Feedback from the Paralympics

David Blair is a Paralympic athlete. He is a gold medal winner, took the gold medal in the discus throw at the Paralympic Games in 2016 in Brazil, and took fourth place at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in the summer of 2021. In this unique episode, Blair discusses feedback not in the context of the corporate world, but of the athletic world. He shares his story and how important feedback was in his journey to break a Paralympic record.

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Grace Hao

Feedback and the Dignity of Choice

Grace Hao is a certified business coach with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and co-author of three best-selling books. She has a private practice, coachwithgrace.com. She shares her wisdom about the art and gift of feedback, and ways to effectively give and receive it.

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Marisa Valdez

Believe in Yourself

Marisa Valdez shares how she learned to “believe in yourself” along her path from school teacher to Learning & Development Manager at BuzzFeed and what companies can do to help build a feedback culture.

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Nancy Knowles

The Value of Sharing Your Feedback Results

Nancy Knowles is Principal and Owner of Knowles Consulting Partners. She partners with clients and other consulting associates to deliver executive coaching, team and organization effectiveness solutions. Nancy draws upon over 25 years of global industry experience in human resources, executive staff, and consulting roles working with senior leaders to enhance individual and organizational performance. […]

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Quentin Heim

Diplomatic Feedback

Quentin Heim, a former chief of staff to the British Ambassador in Washington and chief of staff to the Chairman and CEO of Pfizer, joins us on Simply Feedback to share how his diplomatic background informs his approach in his consulting and coaching.

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Renee Pollins

Let Go and Lead

In this episode of Simply Feedback, we chat with Renee Pollins, Executive Coach, Strategy and Culture Consultant at Renee Pollins Consulting, about her transition from language arts teacher to an executive coach, as well as the importance of clear and actionable feedback in her life and work.

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Dr. Sacha Lindekens

What Did You Hear from Your Feedback?

In another episode of Simply Feedback, we speak with Dr. Sacha Lindekens, a Partner with Avion Consulting, as he goes over his research with 360 feedback data and the most important factor for coachees who made the greatest improvement.

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Dr. Larry Richard

What the MBTI Reveals about Lawyers

Widely known as an expert on the lawyer personality, Dr. Larry Richard (Founder and Principal Consultant of LawyerBrain LLC) gathered personality data on thousands of lawyers. On Simply Feedback, we speak with Dr. Richard about his findings on what makes lawyers tick, how they differ from the general population and how he helps leading law firms tackle their most important people issues.

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Dr. James Smith, Jr.

From Average to Awesome: Lessons for Living an Extraordinary Life

In this episode, Dr. James Smith, Jr. CSP discusses his experiences and guidance around living and working authentically so that feedback helps us grow through life, not just go through it. Dr. James (President and CEO Dr. James Smith, Jr.) shares the lessons he learned that helped him move from average to awesome and how he encourages others to face their fears and live life out loud.

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