Jamie Lewis Smith

Discover Your Impact

Dr. Jamie Lewis Smith, CEO of Pixel Leadership Group, explains why it is so important to make your effort visible and the importance of paying attention to your impact as a manager and leader.

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Renee Pollins

Let Go and Lead

In this episode of Simply Feedback, we chat with Renee Pollins, Executive Coach, Strategy and Culture Consultant at Renee Pollins Consulting, about her transition from language arts teacher to an executive coach, as well as the importance of clear and actionable feedback in her life and work.

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Dwayne Tucker

Infuse Your Leadership Model

In this episode, we speak with Dwayne Tucker, Founder of DT Consulting, CEO of  LEAD Public Schools and Senior Advisor with  Compass Executives as he talks about how his passions for recruitment, entrepreneurship, and equality in education shaped his journey from HR exec to CEO along with how he is now infusing the organization’s leadership model throughout.

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