Catherine Flavin and Nasheela O'Dowd

Strength Calibration

Catherine Flavin and Nasheela O’Dowd work in Leadership Development for Whole Leader. They talk about gender bias in feedback and share ideas about the importance of finding and using your strengths, as well as finding and using the strengths of others.

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Dr. Larry Richard

What the MBTI Reveals about Lawyers

Widely known as an expert on the lawyer personality, Dr. Larry Richard (Founder and Principal Consultant of LawyerBrain LLC) gathered personality data on thousands of lawyers. On Simply Feedback, we speak with Dr. Richard about his findings on what makes lawyers tick, how they differ from the general population and how he helps leading law firms tackle their most important people issues.

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Sarah Guay

Cultivating Humanity in HR

How do we bring back the humanness in human resources? In this new episode, we speak with Sarah Guay, Vice President of Human Resources at HEMIC (Hawaii Employers Mutual Insurance Company), as she talks about her passion around making a more human workplace as part of HR and her own feedback experience that shaped her career and commitment as a leader.

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