Is This How You Want to Be Perceived?

Diane Hazum is an experienced Leadership and Executive Coach with over twenty years of experience. She emphasizes the significance of understanding how one is perceived by others, the impact of feedback on career development, and insights into professional development.

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Jeralyn Mastroianni

Flip The Script On Your Inner Critic

In another episode of Simply Feedback, Jeralyn Mastroianni, a Human Resources Executive at Dentsu, shares her passion for unlocking others’ potential through her work and coaching. As a mother and a cancer survivor, she discusses how life-changing experiences can ignite a fundamental shift in our priorities but open up doors to new unexpected paths.

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Caroline Vanovermeire

HR Detox

In this episode, we speak with Caroline Vanovermeire, EMEA Director for Talent Leadership and OD at Dentsu Aegis and founder of Effra Consult. She’s a trained Psychologist and Coach who is passionate about people and helping employees stay on top of their game. She talks about how she balances work and family life and especially how businesses would really flourish from doing an HR detox.

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