Barry Rellaford

Connect Before You Correct

Barry Rellaford is the lead coach at the Sorensen Center for Moral and Ethical Leadership at Brigham Young University. He shares the importance of trust in creating an effective feedback culture.

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Dr. Michael Brenner

Right Chord Leadership

In this episode, Dr. Michael Brenner, founder and CEO of Right Chord Leadership, shares how he combined his love for music and leadership development to create his CHORDS Model and how it helped leaders and their teams find their groove, get in sync, and work in harmony.

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Alan Richter

Diversity and Ethics: Then and Now

How do we navigate through diversity and ethics in our current climate? In this episode, we speak with Alan Richter, founder and president of QED Consulting and creator of The Global Diversity Game, an award winning training tool to help organizations measure their Diversity and Ethics initiative.

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