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2. Create a Custom Feedback Plan

3. Improve Your People

Lack of Growth is Frustrating

If you don't have a scalable feedback plan...

  • Only a select few get needed feedback
  • Good employees leave
  • The culture and organization stagnate

And that limits your organization's ability to meet its goals. The good news is that you can overcome the resource obstacles holding you back.

Why Organizations Fail to Help Their Employees Grow

Have you had any of these thoughts or questions?

  1. We lack the resources to provide equitable feedback opportunities, not just for the elite few.
  2. We don’t have the time or people to learn a new platform or manage the process.
  3. We don’t feel qualified or don’t have enough people to debrief the results.
  1. We don’t know how to convert our leadership model into a custom 360 feedback survey.
  2. What if we spend money on this and aren’t satisfied?
  3. Feedback conversations are difficult and scary for everyone involved.

What if...Smiling Woman in a Gray Sweater

  1. Your employees could take ownership of their career growth?
  2. You didn't have to learn a whole system and run it all yourself?
  3. You didn't have to manage all of the feedback conversations?

(Hint: It is possible, and we can show you how.)

Do Your Employees Know Their Leadership Narrative?

You can help your employees—not just the elite few—take ownership of their career growth as they discover 1) their leadership narrative, 2) where they want go, and 3) how to get there.

Your Plan to Develop Your People

1. Book a Consultation
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Find a convenient time to share your objectives, whether about improving your feedback culture or needing a custom 360 survey for your employees. If you need help with item development or don't have your own survey and want to use ours, we'll help.

2. Create a Custom Feedback Plan

Whether it's training on how to receive feedback graciously and act on it visibly, a custom 360, or both, you can make it happen. For a 360, we'll launch and run the survey. Sit back and let us manage the process, including reminders. You and your participants can rest-assured about their confidentiality and anonymity.

3. Improve Your Employees

If you need help debriefing your feedback recipients or need an affordable way to provide feedback opportunities at scale, we can help you do it. You'll then get to see the growth and changes in individuals impact the organization.

Small group of people sitting in a circle with a woman standing, addressing the group.

How can LearningBridge help you provide your employees with feedback opportunities and feedback acumen? With our:

  • Focus on how to receive feedback—not how to give it
  • Proprietary platform that can be tailored to your needs
  • Simple process for delivering feedback at scale

Why People Like LearningBridge


“High-quality surveys and feedback reports … Working with LearningBridge is a competitive advantage that I would highly recommend.”
— Dr. Michele Williams (Cornell)

Full Service

“LearningBridge was exceptionally helpful and responsive.”
— Liesel Brink (ALPS)


“My clients demand the highest levels of confidentiality, and I can always count on LearningBridge.”
— Dr. Larry Richard (LawyerBrain)


“LearningBridge tailored the design so that the survey matched our needs perfectly.”
— Alan Richter (QED Consulting)

What about Support?

What if you need help?Man with headset on the computer

You're intelligent and very capable, but we all have questions at times. Those questions might be about best practices or simply about functionality of a feature on the platform.

There's no additional cost for support. Send us an email, schedule a video call, or simply pick up the phone. We'll help you move forward.

Does This Resonate?

Woman Talking on Phone

We know you want to make a real difference in your organization, and to do that your people need feedback to help them grow and improve. The problem is you don’t have the time and resources to manage a feedback program, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed and worried you’re not serving all of your employees. 

Like you, we’re passionate about helping individuals grow and develop in their careers and believe that with the right process and tools you can deliver the feedback people need with the resources you have today.

Start by helping them receive receive feedback graciously and act on it visibly, regardless of the type of the feedback or quality of delivery.

Learn the 4 Types of Feedback

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In this video, Glade Holman highlights the four types of feedback we receive and how we can address the first two.

You can check out the next video on how to address the third type of feedback.

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